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Jul 13, 2018 3:46:38 PM

Monitoring, Optimizing and Managing your online reputation [2 Min. Read]

When it comes to online reputation management, what’s the best strategy to keep on top of your digital profile and ensure that your online reputation stays optimised for the best possible digital representation of yourself?

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Jul 13, 2018 3:38:40 PM

Evaluating and Establishing your Online Reputation Management Process [3 Min. Read]

What’s your Online Profile Like?

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Jul 12, 2018 10:29:13 AM

What is Online Reputation Management? [4 Min. Read]

Have you googled yourself. What do you see? Are you represented fairly? Do you like what you see?

You might be surprised what you find. Your online reputation is in many ways a collection of all the information about you on the internet.


What is Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is about taking control of your online self and what is seen about you online. Its techniques and strategies to ensure that people find the correct material and information when they look for you on the internet.


Consider the following statistics about Reputation Management?

  • Two out of three people see the Internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman Insights)
  • 87% believe a CEO or Business Owner’s reputation is an important part of a company’s reputation. (Hill & Knowlton)
  • 70% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate because of something they found online (Cross-Tab)
  • When looking for a local business, 97% of people read online reviews (BIA Kelsey)
  • 40% of people have turned to social media to air their feelings about an individual or a company. 26% to express dissatisfaction and 23% to share satisfaction. (Harris Poll, April 2010)


What do these statistics tell us about the importance of Online Reputation Management?

What those stats tell us is that individuals and business are increasingly using the Internet to research individuals and business before they even consider using their services, hiring them or even purchasing products and services from them.

For a Business owner, Executive, a career starter or even any other high profile person (e.g., politicians, celebrities, specialist practice owner); how they are perceived online can be crucial to their personal and professional success as well as companies or people affiliated to them.

Regardless, managing one’s reputation online and ensuring individual information, their reviews and news is accurate and positive s becoming increasingly important to business owners, Executives, a career starter or even any other high profile person.


Why does online reputation management matter?

Before the internet, a person's reputation could be developed and maintained with newspaper articles and by the simple fact that time moves on.

In that day and age someone’s business relied on word of mouth and old school advertising like television, local and newspapers.

If you lost a customer because of bad service, it was more than likely that you would lose only one customer and maybe a couple of their friends.

However, today is very different as a result of the online side of our lives.

Every moment of every day, Google indexes the Internet looking for the latest information across the web. Not only does it index the Internet, but it saves past copies of what it found so it can see changes.

This means that as Google’s indexing travels across the Internet, it log individuals’ names, business names and all of the positive and negative content associated with both.

All this data is available to anyone with Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year in just about every language. Everything you or your business has ever done can be found via Google!

It’s important to keep tabs on what people are saying about you online and then take steps to correct any inaccuracies as online content lives forever and your Online Reputation can too.


When might you need to ensure you have control of your online Reputation Management?


  • You want to develop a more professional internet presence:

When just starting out, the problem may not be that there are negative articles in the search results. There might not be any. Or maybe just a social media profile, or two. HR directors and investors  Google candidates.

Online Reputation Management helps you highlight, cultivate and inform people with positive information about yourself online.

  • You want to promote your expertise:

If searching yourself leads to your impressive race times and charitable donations that’s great. But if you’re trying to gain traction in a new field or connect your name to your service or brand, it’s important to show up in your area of expertise and be seen as an expert in your field.

Online Reputation Management helps you highlight, cultivate and curate your industry expertise

  • You want to take the spotlight off legal issues

If you’ve been sued, even as one of many defendants in a case that you’re only part of because you purchased a product or live in a particular community, the natural reaction of most people is to immediately feel distrust.

Online Reputation Management helps keep your online reputation positive and in the spotlight for good reasons, not a lawsuit that is out of your control.

  • Your online content has been defaced

If you have been the victim of website defacement Online Reputation Management can help. An online attack that changes the appearance or content of your personal website through a hack can lead to content you don’t want linked to your name.

Online Reputation Management helps keep your online reputation in a positive light regardless of a website that may be hacked.

  • You need to restore trust in your service after negative reviews

Every CEO or  Business owner has challenges when it comes to their customers. When you hit a low it’s important to make improvements.

Online Reputation Management helps  keep the focus on the good you’re doing instead of dwelling on past mistakes. 

  • There’s false or misleading content about you online

 In this day and age a popular form of revenge is to take to the internet to hurt  someone.

 If you are a business owner, an Executive or a high profile person, this can be destructive to far more than your ego.

Online Reputation Management helps curtail the effects of someone taking to the internet to go after you without merit.

  • You want to reduce the visibility of controversial content you posted in the past

Many of us post comments on the internet or social media.

We forget, though, that those comments are linked to our names. And while telling a friend her wedding picture is adorable or swooning over a puppy isn’t bad, there may be hot button issues that brought out another side of you that you don’t want showing up.

Online Reputation Management can help you take control of those past mistakes or things online you are not even aware of about you. Thats why we have created a free eBook for you to download covering all aspects of online reputation management to help you evaluate, manage and optimize your online reputation. Check it out below.

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