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over 80 percent

Over 80% of reputation damage risks come from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality.
- Digimind


92% of users do not go past Page 1 for any given search.
- Moz Research

78 percent

78% of people  look up info about people and businesses online before deciding to do anything with them.
- Harris Interactive

One disgruntled patient started a negative campaign against us. In 3 months most of these negative reviews we’re gone and we implemented a strategy to ensure our customers posted valid review of our service. Our business is back on track thanks to reputation changers.
Mary Maguire

Mary Maguire Smiles Dental

My medical practice was embroiled in a case regarding negligence of an old employee. Reputation Changers helped me with the negative focus and press my practice started to receive. They helped us implement an ongoing strategy that has helped grow my reputation and medical practice online. 
Shane Johnson

Shane Johnson Johnson Medical

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